Thom's crying Don't want to know what this is It's alive! Dear sir, I have a complaint Send your explanations on a postcard to Billy Bob The Piper's Son Look!  It's the rest of them! And a cheap attempt to get two pictures out of one by me! *fear*

Director: Jeff Plansker
Location: On a roof, Earth, The Milkyway
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This one is a bit weird... The band are all playing on a roof. But there's all kinds of bees around. And a man trying to get into some kind of diving suit. And Thom's wearing this white suit and his hair is bleached and long. He just looks quite dodgy to be honest. Like one of those people who call at your house asking if you want to buy any pillows. It's quite comical in one scene, as Thom leans against this wall and sings as if it was literally hurting him to do so. Very nice.

The US version of Stop Whispering accompanies the video, and not the one featured on Pablo Honey.
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