Thom dies right at the beginning Oh wait, no he doesn't Look!  Jonny's jumping out of a caravan! Jonny's... floating in mid air! ? I think he's dead this time My house Some crazy dancer Thom and a cricket Hmm... Hmmmmmmm.... Ed sits and watches it all

Director: Jonathan Glazer
Location: A Desert, Los Angeles
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Another excellent video from the lads of Oxford. By this time, every Radiohead video released was a classic. This one is entirely black and white, and is shot in a desert outside of Los Angeles. Filmed with a special camera, the editing shows many scenes in slow-motion. But because of a neat camera trick, some parts are in real time, and others are slowed down. Examples of this are shots of Thom smashing glass walls with hammers, but as he smashes one and moves onto the next in real time, the shards of broken glass float in the air in slow-motion. Another example is of Jonny jumping into a caravan in slow motion. Colin, who was sitting near him, turns his head to see Jonny jump, then turns his head back again in real time. All the while Jonny is floating mid-jump in slow-motion. It's a really cool dream-like effect.

Directed by Jonathan Glazer, this again was shot in the desert outside Los Angeles, showing Thom singing with his eyes closed while random images of crickets, barking dogs etc. flickered by in slow motion. The rest of the band jumped off chairs and other objects, also in slow motion. "Thom wanted it to be like a dream," explained the film-maker, "and liked the idea of nobody getting anywhere," while Thom observed, "We wanted to make something really elegant and beautiful. I wanted something that would create space in the viewer's imagination to complement the stream of consciousness of the song." - The Interview Booklet

This video really does compliment the dream like emptiness of the song brilliantly. An absolute classic. There are actually two different versions of this video, but both are almost identical. One contains a shot of a man's head with some kind of liquid coming out of it (maybe blood?). The other contains a shot of Jonny flicking a coin in slow motion. I can confirm the existence of both because I've seen them.

This video is still quite popular with music stations, and does get played every now and again.
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