Site Updates

   June 29th '01

Put up lyrics for Reckoner, Cuttooth and also updated the Big Ideas page slightly.

Also put up setlists for all the gigs that went on while I wasn't updating the site. They're in the Touring Centre. There's also more News. Have fun =D Oh, also... A slightly altered Discography. Yes, I added the Pyramid Song College EP.

   June 28th '01

There's a nice little explanation for this site's horrid lack of updates in the News page.

   June 17th '01

Hmm... what did I do today. Oh yeah, added the Amnesiac page to the Discography. And added the Alligators In New York Sewers lyrics to the Lyrics & Songs section.

   June 14th '01

Right about now.. funk soul brother... News. Check it out now... Touring Centre funk soul brother!

The About Fitter Happier section is also now completed. Go to the Main Page to check it out.

   June 12th '01

Finally some News! Only a tiny bit, but today I'm planning on updating a LOT of stuff. I've only just got up, so wait till later! =O

Somewhere out there, a short while later: Completely updated that sad excuse for a Touring Centre as well as made all the setlists a bit prettier. Also, also also! Fixed some lyrics in the Lyrics & Songs section. Booka! Oh yeah, added some stuff to the About Fitter Happier section too.

   June 6th '01

Changed the site e-mail address from to Send all your comments about anything to me =D

   June 5th '01

News and Touring Centre. With two new setlists of the shows in Germany and Holland. Also, was informed by someone that I'm too harsh on my comments of the Idioteque Video, which is probably true. So I altered it a little.

   June 4th '01

News full of Amnesiac stuff!

   June 3rd '01

Finally completed the Lyrics & Songs section completely. The unreleased tracks now have information.
Also, I've created the design for the About Fitter Happier section. It doesn't have any content yet, but the layout can be seen by going to the Main Page and clicking the 'About Fitter Happier' link.

   June 2nd '01

News, Touring Centre and Rock am Germany gig setlist. Beautiful.

   June 1st '01

Nice big fat updated News page. Also, an updated Touring Centre. A setlist for the gig in Italy and there's a new link in the links section.

I've also taken the old links section down (the observant amongst you will have noticed there were two). And replaced it with a 'Features section' which will be really cool when I finally get around to doing it. For all the links to other sites now, you have to click the Affiliates link on the Main Page and then click on Links. Good on ya =D

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