This song became the backing track to Like Spinning Plates
Length: ?
Disc: There's a clip on the Meeting People Is Easy video
Tablature: Guitar

A confusing one. Allow me to try and explain. On the video Meeting People Is Easy, there is a clip of Thom in a soundcheck in Japan... He starts to play a short acoustic song which starts with the lyric 'Rain down' and carries on into humming some gorgeous melodies while picking slowly on his guitar. The clip only lasts about 20 seconds, and besides what is on the video, nothing else is known about it. We don't even know it's name. Some fans call it 'The Rain Down song'.

On the other hand, an unreleased (and unheard) song that Radiohead have mentioned many times called 'I Will' exists. The band got fed up with it and eventually, played with it a bit and used it as the backing track to Like Spinning Plates. There is no seemingly obvious connection between these two songs (Rain Down, and I Will), but at the same time there is no evidence to say that they aren't the same song either.

If you take the tablature for Rain Down and play it faster, with a few notes added here and there (nothing major, just tiny variation), then you get what sounds very similar to Like Spinning Plates. Because of this, I've come to the conclusion that the Rain Down song on the Meeting People Is Easy video is actually the never before heard song 'I Will'. Granted I'm not the first to come to this conclusion. And granted, there is no proof of it and this is not yet known to be fact. But I think it's extremely likely, and until someone proves otherwise, I will say they're the same song. ANYWAY, though short.. this is a really beautiful piece. There are no real lyrics, most of the clip simply consists of Thom moaning.. But it sounds good, and I'll try to put his moaning into words... O_o

Rain down
Oooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh
Ah, haaaa haaaaa, haaaa, haaa aaaah

[Yes that looks totally stupid, but if you hear the clip it (sort of) resembles it]
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