Release Date: 30th November 1998 [UK],
26th January 1999 [US]
Publisher: Parlophone
Length: 95 minutes
Director: Grant Gee

This video includes live clips from:

01. A Reminder
02. Airbag
03. Big Boots [Man O' War]
04. Big Ideas [Don't Get Any]
05. Climbing Up The Walls
06. Creep
07. Electioneering
08. Exit Music [For A Film]
09. Follow Me Around
10. How To Disappear Completely
11. Karma Police
12. Life In A Glass House
13. Lucky
14. No Surprises
15. Palo Alto
16. Paranoid Android
17. Pearly*
18. Street Spirit [Fade Out]
19. The Tourist

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The Meeting People Is Easy Video Cover

A kind of documentary/film. Though Meeting People is Easy really fits into neither category. It's not a film, because it follows no distinct plot. It's about real life. But it's not a documentary, because it lacks any narration or voiceover explaining the situation throughout. Grant Gee (the director) has said "It's basically a film put together of a thousand bits". And he's very right.

The video follows Radiohead around on their OK Computer tour, which lasted about a year. It isn't designed to be some fun happy 'let's follow Radiohead on tour this is gonna be so cool yay!' entertainment piece. More, it's a look at touring with bands from the inside, looking out. We follow Radiohead as they meet, and shake the hands of thousands of people. Attend endless award ceremonies. Taking part in interview upon interview. Playing at thousands of stadiums for fans, but never seeing any of the city you're playing at. Only the inside of a hotel room. It's supposed to highlight the hell that touring can be for a successful band. This it does... brilliantly.

Jonny Greenwood"He sat down and watched it all back-to-back the other night, and said it was funny to note how perky we all are at the start of the tour, and how rounded our shoulders and dark around the eyes we become as the tour progresses."
- Jonny

Grant Gee: "A bunch of articulate, essentially shy people who, somehow, are able to create this huge, astonishing music and as a result find themselves in the strange/insane/seductive world of end-of-the-century-celebrity with thousands of people wanting to meet them, thousands of cameras and microphones constantly siphoning off little bits of them."

For fans of Radiohead, this is a brilliant film. With live clips, and an interesting insight into the band, and how they begin to buckle under the pressure of being famous. It's also a class video for someone interested in the way the music industry works, and what it's like to actually be in a band that is touring. If you hate Radiohead, though.. this could well bore you.

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