June 2001
Length: 3:57
Disc: Amnesiac
Tablature: Piano | Guitar

Other Versions:
Live @ Ohio - I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings

What can I say. No one knew anything about this song at all until it was leaked out in studio form. And, wow. In my opinion, it's the best track on the album. The first half just has this strange, yet brilliant swirly kind of indescribable sound, coupled with, well... just excellent music which I can't explain. It slowly changes notes, with tension building and building. Then Thom's vocals start. You have no idea what he's saying, but it goes well with the music. Then he hits the line 'And this just feels like spinning plates' and the music becomes more intense. It's just beautiful... I'll never be able to put it into words. If you apply logic to it, this song is crap. But that's what can be so good about music. It's something you can't put your finger on, and it can be so emotional.

Some of the lyrics were taken with 5 finger discount from Follow Me Around because, Thom's singing backwards and I'm not even going to pretend I understand him. But Beryl reckons she knows, so there ya go! The 2nd [intelligible] part of the lyrics were done by me, though!... Nevermind, the lyrics are found in the Amnesiac booklet.

An interesting one, because it was built over a reversed old track called I Will. Now rumour has it, that I Will is the song from Meeting People Is Easy where Thom is wailing a lot to some gentle acoustic guitar picking. It sounds fantastic, but it's only on for like a 10 second clip. Some people call it the 'Rain Down' song, and you can find tablature for it in our Tablature Section. As far as I know, no one can confirm to me that I Will, is the track from Meeting People Is Easy, but the fact that Like Spinning Plates is built over I Will reversed, is a fact. I think I Will is 'Rain Down', though. Because if you get the tab of Rain Down and play it backwards, faster, with 1 or two more notes added.. Then you get Like Spinning Plates. I've tried it.

That nice long rant was just something I felt like I had to get out of my system.

A track that you'd think wouldn't work live... During the 2001 tour, in Ohio, Thom started to play a song on the piano and asked the audience to 'name that tune'. It was Like Spinning Plates, and it was possibly even more powerful than the studio version. This live version appears on the I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings EP.

While you make pretty speeches
I'm being cut to shreds
You feed me to the lions
A delicate balance

When this just feels like spinning plates
I'm living in cloud cuckoo land
And this just feels like spinning plates
Our bodies floating down the muddy river
Jonny Greenwood "He [Thom] learnt it backwards, sung it like that then we turned the tape around, so you can hear the words. A real answer !!!" - Jonny

Thom Yorke
"It sounded uncomfortable and blunt if I sung it normally. The words were too brutal and upsetting. But back-forwards it was coming from exactly the right place." - Thom
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