Awards and things given to me by lovely people out there shall be placed in this part of the site. And obviously, there won't be many because, well, I think you need a popular site before people give you awards. Nonetheless, any that are here, I'm very proud of, and thankful for recieving :)

:: Reward for 2000 hits ::

This is from the lovely Sonia. She made this herself, and its a gift for this site hitting 2000 visitors. For more lovely graphics such as this, you can check out her more than lush website: RydiaNU. Thanks, Sonia :)

:: Reward for 10,000 hits ::

It seems my girlfriend is the only person nice enough to give me any kind of award, and this is another beautiful one for her given to me because the site reached 10,000 hits. Thanks again, Sonia. I really appreciate it!

:: Reward for Top 10 MPulse ::

It seems I reached the top 10 rock websites at MPulse.. Which was nice. And I got a reward from someone other than my girlfriend =O

More gifts as we get them! Don't hold your breath... Not that you would anyway.