Here's where I list, and thank all the people that have helped me get the site where it is today.

Although Fitter Happier is basically run by me alone, there are a lot of people who have helped me get this far. In no particular order, they are:

Sonia - No one moreso than Sonia has helped me keep the site going this far. Sometimes I lack confidence in my ability with web design, or I'll lose inspiration to create anything. But she's always there to pick me up and dust me off. She's an AMAZING web designer herself, and that's why I hold her opinion of my site so highly. Thank you, Sonia for all the help you've given me in making this site :)

Stef - A potential future staff member, Stef contributes to the news sometimes. He's as big a Radiohead fan as I am, and if he finds some news I haven't picked up on, he'll let me know about it. As soon as he gets his arse in to gear and learns a bit of HTML, expect him to be a regular member of the staff here! Nice one, Stef mate.

Friends - Too many to list individually, so basically, if you know me and you like Radiohead, or have visited my site then you're included in this bunch. The people who sign my guestbook with encouraging comments. The people who post at my forums even though they look shite and run even worse. The people who visit my site often to check for updates, and just anyone who encouraged me ever, in any way. Thanks :)

Lastly... Radiohead Webmasters - Thanks for allowing me to borrow news, or facts from your sites. And a bigger thank you if you've ever linked to me. This is mainly going out to Jonathan (Green Plasitc Radiohead), Beryl (Follow Me Around), James (Climbing Up The Walls), Max K (Planet Telex), The webmaster of Kinetic (don't know his/her name) and Adriaan (At EASE). But also all those other sites that have added my link. Thanks =D