# 30th May 2001
  Intersting interviews *rubs hands*

Anyone who is a muppet like me and missed the Radiohead interview on BBC Radio 1 last night, can read the transcript here. Or, you can just stream the whole thing with real player here.

Oh yeah, I sorted out the webcast concert thingy. Thanks to the help from all those people who e-mailed me. Yes, all zero of you. Anyway, if you're reading this and you can't suss it out, there's two little orange pictures of a camera, near the top right when you go here. Click on one of them. Not sure what they mean, but the left one gives you a bigger picture, and is slower. The right one has a tiny screen, but moves much more smoothly, and doesn't stop as much (if at all).

I'm not sure how much longer they're going to keep it up, so if you wanna see it, go now! And the setlist for the concert, just incase you're interested, is here.
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  # 29th May 2001
  Stupid French website >_<

So apparently there was a webcast yesterday on the Radiohead concert in France. But I couldn't get it to work at all... Don't know about you. Anyway, it's supposed to still be on for a few days yet, so if I sort it out I'll let you know. More importantly, if you sort it out, then let me know.

The setlist for said concert in France can be found here.

London radio station XFM - 104.9 is going to play the entire Amnesiac album tonight! Starting at 10pm. So get tuned in.
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  # 28th May 2001

Well, the lads put in a brilliant performance on Top Of The Pops last Friday, did they not? I thought it was excellent anyway. You can download it from At EASE if you run over to their news page. Oh wait, it's in their multimedia section. Nevertheless, it does exist. Ah, you can also get it here apparently.

Also, if you happened to catch the repeat performance on Top Of The Pops Plus (yesterday at noon on BBC2) then you will have witnessed a short interview with Ed and Phil. There's a transcript up on the BBC Online.

The Pyramid Song single went into the UK singles charts at #5. Not too bad. It also entered the Irish singles charts at #10.

The lads kicked off their European tour on Saturday in Bilbao, Spain's Bull Ring. You can see the setlist they played here.

MTV Germany is to broadcast live the Radiohead show at the Rock am Ring Festival on June 1st.

A REMINDER: Remember, there's a webcast tonight of the France concert. More info here.
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  # 25th May 2001
  So glad, so glad you're miiiiiine

Remember! Radiohead are supposed to be on Top Of The Pops in the UK tonight! It's on at 7:35pm GMT on BBC1. They're supposed to be performing Pyramid Song.

If you haven't already downloaded Amnesiac in its entirety, then you can now stream it from those Radiohead IBlips. Click on that scary looking d00d on our main page.

Here's a tiny article about how next week's UK Charts are going to turn out. With a bit about Radiohead.
[cheers Green Plastic Radiohead]

There's to be a webcast of the Vaison La Romaine concert in France! It's gonna be done by
Les Inrocks and Orange live. It's starting on Monday 28th of May at 8:15pm (GMT) and is gonna stay online until June 11th. Or June 1st. We're not sure :D See, our source has it down as June 11st. Anyway...
[nice one Follow Me Around]
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  # 24th May 2001
  Happy late birthday Phil! It was his 34th yesterday. Sorry :D

The Pyramid Song single has been voted single of the week by the NME. You can read more about it right here.

Thom, Colin and Ed are all going to be on Radio 1's Steve Lamacq's Evening Sessions show on May 29th (next tuesday). They're gonna be talking about The new album, as well as playing it.

THE DAY'S TOURING INFORMATION Go here for all tour dates.

I finally decided to update the Touring Centre again. There are a few new gigs. Including the Pinkpop Festival in Holland, a gig in Berlin and one in Tokyo. As well as some updated ticket information for pretty much everything.

Santa Barbara CA, Santa Barbara Bowl - June 29th & 20th - Tickets are now sold out for both dates.
Los Angeles, Hollywood Bowl - August 20th - Tickets go on sale on July 7th.

Respect goes out to At EASE for a lot of today's news.
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  # 23rd May 2001
  Have you bought it, yet?

The new single Pyramid Song is out now everywhere (well, everywhere that it's going to be released)! I trust you've purchased it?

Midweek sales figures claim it's going to enter the UK charts at No. 2. Which would be a personal best for a Radiohead single (the previous best single was Paranoid Android, which came in 3rd).

It's sold about 16,000 so far. It's apparently way behind DJ Pied Piper's Do You Really Like It? *sigh* But way ahead of Geri Halliwell's It's Raining Men. Thank Christ! If they do worse than a talentless skinny muppet (so talentless that she releases a song that isn't even hers, then fails to hit all the original notes), I may well break down in tears.

Amnesiac is released in Japan today! ... I think.

A retraction, guv! If you go here you shall readeth a little story about a b-side by the name of 'Tongue Tied'. Well it was all a rumour and we (as were many Radiohead sites) were sucked in. Max K has now cleared it all up and has said that it's all lies. The only facts are that the track is called Cuttooth and was to appear on Amnesiac as track 8, but was replaced at the last minute by Hunting Bears.

The Googly Minotaur buddy list d00d is now in the beta testing stages. He's not fully working yet, but he'll sit on your list and talk to you (sort of). I had a nice conversation with him last night. You can read it here.

It's also confirmed now that Radiohead are going to play a live show for the TV programme Later, with Jools Holland. The set is going to be an hour long, and will feature mostly Amnesiac tracks, as well as selected ones from Kid A, OK Computer and The Bends.

If you go here, you can fill out a small form to win tickets to the show.
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  # 21st May 2001
  New single is out today :D

The Pyramid Song singles CD1 & CD2 go on sale today in the UK! Remember, the tracklist for each CD is:
CD 1

01. Pyramid Song
02. The Amazing Sound Of Orgy
03. Trans-Atlantic Drawl
CD 2

01. Pyramid Song
02. Fast Track
03. Kinetic

Yes! I went to town today, and I now own both of them :D!

There's a new b-side which apparently is from the
Knives Out single. It's called Tongue Tied and people keep mixing it up with Hunting Bears (it would help if the radio station that was playing it gave it the right name :D)

You can download the mp3 from Green Plastic Radiohead, it's on their news page!

There's a Radiohead concert to be aired on MTV|2 in the UK. It's on at 9pm GMT, so don't miss it! I know last time I said that there was a concert on, it didn't happen. But this time I've checked all the TV listings, it's deffo on! Tonight!
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  # 20th May 2001
  Extreme apology for the lack of updates :(

Anyway, here we go...
Radiohead have recorded two songs for Top Of The Pops. You know, the most famous chart show ever? They've recorded Pyramid Song and Knives Out. We're not sure when the latter will be aired, it's highly likely that the band are to release it as the 2nd single. But Pyramid Song is to be shown on Friday May 25th at 7:35pm on good old BBC 2.

I'll add more to this later... when I can be arsed :D
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  # 15th May 2001
  Guitars to make a comeback for LP6?

There's an interview with Thom in this month's Mojo magazine. It's very interesting, too. Here are some extremely juicy snippets:

"The long winter of discontent is over - at least for the moment. Birds are a- singing. New born babies are a - gurgling. And electric guitars have been taken out of flight cases and plugged into large amplifiers festooned with effects pedals. "It's weird to be rehearsing now," reckons Thom Yorke with barely concealed enthusiasm. "We're supposed to be going over the parts of amnesiac we haven't learnt yet. But we're just using the time to write new stuff. It's great. The songs are coming easily. It's just really nice. We've all got our confidence back."

"We were rehearsing yesterday," adds Jonny Greenwood. "And Thom just stopped everybody and started complimenting us on what we were doing. He kept saying, 'This is really working again. It's fantastic what each of you is bringing to the piece.'"
But how do these new songs sound?
"It's all loud and it's all guitars. It's exciting to make loud music again. It's sounding good and fresh. We're even doing a Neil Young song - Cinnamon girl - for the first time ever, and those loud minor chords just sound wonderful; it's just got such a swagger to it. In two days of rehearsal, we've played it between 10 and 15 times. Loud minor chord. Distortion. Fantastic!"

[cheers, Stef. You = da man]

The Pyramid Song single is released in Japan today. Below is the tracklist:

01. Pyramid Song
02. Fast Track
03. The Amazing Sound Of Orgy
04. Trans-Atlantic Drawl
05. Kinetic

Knives Out is being shipped to radio stations across the US on June 26th. It's as yet unknown if it'll be an actual single or just something the radios are gonna be able to play.

To your left, and right are the college EP cover screenshots. This is what was given to colleges all over the US. For properly sized (massive) screenshots, go to Green Plastic Radiohead, whom we borrowed these pics from :D

THE DAY'S TOURING INFORMATION Go here for all tour dates.

w.a.s.t.e are selling more tickets to North American tour dates! Hurry up and get your arse down there! They've got more tickets for the Gorge, WA and Vancouver, BC.

This is from Green Plastic Radiohead:

"Last week Billboard.com announced the Chicago August 1 show as being held in Grant Park's Butler Field. Well, it appears that there is going to be a Opera of some sort at Butler Field on August 1 so unless Radiohead is planning something outrageous with an opera (and yes, we could picture Jonny having a field day with that!), Butler Field will not be the location of the show. But don't worry.... According to the City of Chicago Permits Office, the show will take place the same night at Arvey Field, which is also part of Grant Park. The show will be put on by Jam Production and the tickets will supposedly go on sale around June 16 by none other than Ticketmaster."

So, did you get that? It isn't confirmed by the band yet, but seems to make sense.

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  # 13th May 2001
  Rain down, rain down...

The cover for the Pyramid Song single CD2 has now been revealed, and is to your left. For a big fat picture of it, go to Ne Pas Avaler. Remember, we showed you how CD1 is going to look here.

That fans Q&A thing I mentioned yesterday, with Thom in the magazine Blender. Remember? Well you can read the full article at Follow Me Around. Just go to their news page.

THE DAY'S TOURING INFORMATION Go here for all tour dates.

Osaka, Japan - Castle Hall - Sept 30th - Tickets went on sale today for 7000. That's... all I know :D
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  # 12th May 2001
  It's cup final day! We love you Liverpool, we do!

There are a load of Pyramid Song goodies for you to download at the Shynola (producer of the video)'s website! There's a windows media player full video download, as well as a screensaver... And more stuff. Go here, now!

Speaking of
Pyramid Song, the disc cover for the single (not sure what version) is displayed to your left. It... scares me.

Speaking of Shynola, them, Chris Bran, Dilly Gent and Stanley Donwood (with Radiohead) won an award from Music Week's Advertising Awards for last year's Kid A iBlips campaign. We all knew they would ;)

AND speaking of Stanley Donwood (Radiohead's graphic designer and webmaster of Radiohead.com d00d). He has gone and made himself a book. There are a few pieces of scary artwork, along with tiny bits of information here.

New magazine Blender has an interview with Thom Yorke in it. It's the very first issue, and is like a spin off magazine of Maxim. The interview includes some questions that fans have asked him through a website.. I think. No wait, that was something else :D Anyway, it's hitting stores near you NOW. And stuff..

The Sundance Channel is going to show Meeting People Is Easy a few times this month. Catch it at the following times:

Thursday, May 17 7:00 PM & 4:05 am
Monday, May 21 8:00 AM & 9:00 pm
Sunday, May 27 2:30 pm
Wednesday, May 30 1:00 pm

I hope that means something to someone...

[cheers Green Plastic Radiohead and Follow Me Around]
THE DAY'S TOURING INFORMATION Go here for all tour dates.

A brief message from your local superhero

Remember, kids. Those first leg tickets go on general sale today from Ticketmaster. Be sure to get down there quickly. You can check our Touring Centre if you need to know when the tickets for what gig go on sale.
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  # 11th May 2001
  More ticket McSales, guv.

THE DAY'S TOURING INFORMATION Go here for all tour dates.

Right, gutted to have to tell you this. But about 10 hours ago or something, w.a.s.t.e opened up their Ticket Shop selling tickets to the first leg of the US Tour. But now they've sold out. Gutted, aye?

Apparently, they're going to be opening again soon, so keep checking THIS URL. Also, remember that general sale tickets for the US first leg tour dates go on sale at Ticketmaster. The earliest they'll be selling tickets is 9am tomorrow (the 12th). Remember, to check exactly when Ticketmaster will be selling tickets to the first leg shows, go to our Touring Centre and check next to the respective show.

Also, if you have tickets and can't make it to the show, or ended up with extra tickets... or just really want tickets, you can try:
- The Ticket Trade page at Follow Me Around (I love you Beryl).
- And there's the Ticket Trading Forum at Green Plastic Radiohead (Jonathan, if you were a woman I'd want you to have my children).
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  # 10th May 2001
  Remember! Internet pre-sale today!

You Americans can see the Pyramid Song video on the following times:

Thursday, May 10th, 12:30 PM, 7:00 PM
Friday, May 11th 9:30 PM
Sunday, May 13th Midnight
Monday, May 14th 1:00 AM

It'll be on the MTV primetime show: 'MTV|2 presents: Videos To Watch'.

At Radiohead.com, there's a list of UK listening parties that are going to happen around the end of May. I'd show it here, but it's a massive list. So just go here to see it. And have a laugh at Stanley, too.

There's a (Canadian only) Radiohead competition at HMV.com. The five winners will get this gear:

- 1 Advance Limited Edition copy of 'Amnesiac'
- 1 Limited Edition copy of 'Kid A'
- 1 DVD of Radiohead film "Meeting People Is Easy"
- 1 CD single for "I Might Be Wrong"
- 1 vinyl & 1 CD version of the single for "Idioteque"
- 1 Interview CD with Jonny and Colin Greenwood

You'll even get your limited edition Amnesiac before the release date! Enter here if you're a lucky Canadian.

This be from Follow Me Around: "Chris Bran, Shynola, Dilly Gent and Stanley (along with Radiohead) are nominated for an award tomorrow night at Music Week's Advertising Awards ("The CADS") for last year's 'Kid A' blip campaign. They are up against Robbie Williams and Blur."

THE DAY'S TOURING INFORMATION Go here for all tour dates.

Yes, that's right. Tickets for the first six touring dates are going to be available to buy online from MTV.com. So if you want to get ahead of all the non-internet ticket wanting people, get down there now! The internet sale is only on for today!
Here's the times for each ticket sale:

Houston - 10 AM TO 10 PM CENTRAL TIME
Denver - 10 AM TO 10 PM PACIFIC TIME
Vancouver - 10 AM TO 10 PM PACIFIC TIME
Seattle - 10 AM TO 10 PM PACIFIC TIME
San Francisco - 10 AM TO 10 PM PACIFIC TIME
Santa Barbara - 10 AM TO 10 PM PACIFIC TIME

So get your arse HERE to buy tickets!!
Hehe, y'know what's crap, though? I'm going to be in the UK when the lads go on their US tour, and then I'll probably be in America when they decide to tour the UK.
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  # 9th May 2001
  Around the world with Radiohead...

If you're having trouble downloading the new B-sides then you can get them from Napster with the following names:

radiohead-pyramidsongsingle fast-track.mp3
radiohead-pyramidsongsingle kinetic.mp3
radiohead-pyramidsongsingle trans-atlanticdrawl.mp3

Trans-Atlantic Drawl reigns supreme, by the way =D
[cheers Climbing Up The Walls]

MTV are launching a shockingly good competition that means you can win tickets to go all around the world with Radiohead on their tour! Go here, now!

And at the very same url, you can also buy tickets for some of the US east coast dates at 10am on May 10th. That url again, would be here.

Radio 1 DJ's Mark & Lard are apparantly in a band called the 'Shirehorses'. Someone's having a laugh, I think. In any case, their new CD is called Our Kid Eh, and has a strikingly similar CD case (left) to the Kid A we all know and love. The CD is full of song parodies, including No.2 which is called 'No Big Sizes (Radioshed)'. The one that made me laugh was 'Why is it always Dairy Lea?'. Ah well, go here for more info, and a bit of a laugh.

There's going to be in interview with Thom in next week's NME magazine. He speaks out against UK Intelligence MI5, apparently. You can read a bit of it at NME.com.

Here's a lil article about Amnesiac and it's merchandise and release formats and such... Link.
[nice one At EASE]

"'The New Music', a program on Canada's Muchmusic, will air a brand new interview with Thom in Oxford on June 18th at 9:30 pm ET."
That was from the lovely Follow Me Around.
Who also gave us this, which is a quite old but decent interview with Colin.

THE DAY'S TOURING INFORMATION Go here for all tour dates.

Not much here, today.

Houstan, Texas - Woodlands Pavillion - June 18th - Tickets are going to be on sale at SFX.com from May 12th at 12 noon.
Santa Barbara, CA - Santa Barbara Bowl - June 29th - 30th - Tickets go on sale on May 13th at 12pm through Ticketmaster.

[cheers Green Plastic Radiohead | Follow Me Around]
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  # 8th May 2001
  B-Sides ahoy! Or... something..?

Yes mate, that's right. 3 of the 4 Pyramid Song single b-sides are now available in mp3 format. Namely Kinetic, Fast Track and Trans-Atlantic Drawl. You can download them here!

There be an article about that Radiohead buddy thingy up at The Times website. You can read more about the buddy idea here, and here.
[cheers At EASE]

BBC Radio station 'Radio 2' is to premier Life In A Glass House on May 21st to celebrate guest player Humphrey Lyttelton's 80th birthday. More info here.

There's going to be an Amnesiac listening party in Singapore on May 24th at 6pm. It's at the Vivamusic Hub, Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore. You can win tickets to go at Radiohead's Singapore fanclub.

THE DAY'S TOURING INFORMATION Go here for all tour dates.

Vancouver Gig, Thunderbird Stadiun - June 24th
Tickets are going to be available to buy online at 9:30am on May 10th until 8pm May 11th only from cfox.com. For more info about this show, see May 6th's News and the Touring Centre.

The previously cancelled East Coast tour dates have now been confirmed, with a few changes:

Aug. 1: Chicago (Butler Field)
Aug. 2: Toronto (Molson Park)
Aug. 5: Montreal (Park Jean Drapeu)
Aug. 7: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (Blossom Music Center)
Aug. 9: Philadelphia (venue TBA)
Aug. 11-12: Centreville, Va. (Bull Run Regional Park)
Aug. 14: Boston (Suffolk Downs)
Aug. 16-17: Jersey City, N.J. (Liberty State Park)
Aug. 20: Los Angeles (Hollywood Bowl)

More info from Billboard

Mountain View, CA - Shoreline Amphitheatre - June 27th - Tickets are available from May 13th @ 10am PT from Ticketmaster. They cost $38.50, for General/Reserved Admission, and it includes parking and charity.
Woodlands, TX - Woodlands Pavillion - June 18th - Tickets on sale from May 12th, 12pm from Ticketmaster. Or you can call 713-629-3700. They cost $35 and there's an 8 ticket per person limit.

[cheers Green Plastic Radiohead | Follow Me Around]
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  # 7th May 2001
  Bank holidays, I love you so...

For all of the information on the upcoming Radiohead Tour Dates all over the world, click here to get to the Fitter Happier Touring Centre

French website Magic has this form which allows you to ask Thom any question you want :D Sounds ace... Go here to get to the form. It's all in French, so be wary.
[nice one Ne Pas Avaler]

Radiohead are to play Ireland! After their US tour finishes, they're going to play 2 gigs in Belfast's Odyssey Arena on the 12th & 14th of September. Booka!
[is right At EASE]

You can download and listen to an interview with Ed & Colin at the Sundance Film Festival last January at Planet Telex's News page.

That Radiohead Messenger Buddy thing is starting to take shape. I mentioned
here that there was going to be this Radiohead thing you could add to your Yahoo Messenger or AOL Instant Messenger buddy list and talk to it asking about Radiohead information. Well, to prepare for the 'googlyminotaur's arrival, you can add him to your buddy lists now! Go here and do it! The page also has some cool Radiohead Buddy Icons for you.
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  # 6th May 2001
  Woah, sorry for the lack of updates, folks! I was... uhm... lazy?

Right, there's a LOT of news to catch up on, so here we go...

That private gig for Canal+ that the lads played in Paris, is partly online. Go here. Warning, the site's in French! And it only has some of the songs at the bottom.

There's an interview with Phil, on Netherlands Radio 3FM show 'Leuk is Anders. The audio files in .rm format are up in three parts. Go to At EASE's News page.

Spinner.com will be streaming an interview with Ed and Colin talking to Chris Douridas. The streaming starts tomorrow and will be up for a week.

You American's might get a chance to see the Pyramid Song video afterall. MTV US show 'Extended Play' will air it on May 7th at 10pm. It's also going to be shown on German TV channel Viva2's show '2new' on Monday at 4pm, Teusday at 2am and Wednesday at 11pm.

A Canadian Music/Comedy show called Sonic Temple (in the mould of Saturday Night Live) are going to have Radiohead performing for them! It's on every Saturday on CTV at 10pm. We'll let you know when we find out the exact date they're going to be playing. You can read an article about the show here, at Canoe.

Some magazine called 'Blender Magazine' (a spin off of Maxim, apparently) has a review of Amnesiac in it, as well as a Q&A section with Thom from letters sent in by the fans. It's avaiable to buy in the US & Canada from all good newsagents etc etc.

Amesiac Limited Edition CD Cover (I think)You can now pre-order the 4 track Pyramid Song Canadian single from HMV.com. They've also got the Amnesiac and Limited Edition CDs, too. Which, I discovered, has the cover shown on the left.

Amazon.co.uk also has the Pyramid Song UK CD1 & CD2 singles available for pre-ordering. Get them here, and here. They're 2.99 each. Not bad.

There's an article about the band and the things they've gone through while producing Amnesiac and Kid A, with lots of interview quotes up at Rolling Stone.com.

Supergrass have been confirmed for the gig that Radiohead are playing in Oxford. As was reported on May 3rd, accompanying them will be Beck, Humphrey Lyttleton and Sigur Ross. As well as a load of local Oxford bands.

here for all tour dates.

Right, haven't updated for a few days. And in those days, wouldn't you know it? Touring information came in thick and fast. So here we go:

Red Rocks Amphitheatre - June 20th - Ticket information from Ticketmaster.com.
European Tour - w.a.s.t.e have got more tickets available. Go here.
US & Canadian Tour - Tickets are rumoured to be going on sale in the next few days.

Billboard.com had this to say about the US East Coast tour dates announced here:

"Radiohead's publicity representatives have retracted the additional North American tour dates released to the media yesterday (May 2). 11 dates were announced, including a two-night stand in August at the Liberty State Park in Jersey City, N.J., but the group's representatives are now stressing that those dates are unconfirmed."

Ticket Information for Vancouver Gig - June 24th
Radiohead w/ The Beta Band and some DJs TBA
Sunday June 24 @ Thunderbird Stadium
Tickets on sale Saturday May 12 @ 9:30am @ Ticketmaster.ca
Limited to 4 tickets per person
General Admission $49.50

The Pinkpop Festival - June 4th - Tickets sold out.
Arvy Field Chicago - August 1st - Tickets available on June 16th (probably from Ticketmaster.com)
C.W Mitchell Pavillion Spring, Texas - June 18th - Tickets available on May 12th (midday) from Ticketmaster.
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  # 3rd May 2001

That's right, folks! According to Planet Telex, the UK Pyramid Song single's tracklist goes something like this:
CD 1 Tracklist

01. Pyramid Song
02. The Amazing Sound Of Orgy
03. Trans-Atlantic Drawl
CD 2 Tracklist

01. Pyramid Song
02. Fast Track
03. Kinetic
Remember, it's released on May 21st!

Some more US Tour Dates have been confirmed. This time on the East Coast. They are:

8/1: Chicago, Soldier Field
8/3: Toronto, Molson Park
8/5: Montreal, Park Jean Drapeu
8/7: Cleveland, Blossom Music Center
8/9: Philadelphia, TBA
8/11-12: Washington, DC, Bull Run
8/14: Boston, Suffolk Downs
8/16-17: New York, Liberty State Park
8/20: Los Angeles, Hollywood Bowl


Ticket info as soon as we hear anything.

Some July 7th Oxford gig stuff. Beck is definitely going to be there, with an acoustic set. Sigur Ros, who did some of the
Kid A tour of 2000 with the band, will also be playing. And Humphrey Lyttleton and his band are going to be there, too! Should be interesting (he's the d00d who played the trumped on Life In A Glass House).

Also, Radiohead have officially confirmed that Beta Band will be touring the US with them this summer.

From Planet Telex: BBC Radio One's Evening Session and Mark and Lard show will be running a competition to win tickets to the Verona date on May 30th, listen to the station for more details. Thom will be in the studio with Mark and Lard (1pm-3pm) from Verona to play a live track on the day.

An interview with Ed and Colin is to be aired this saturday at 3pm ET on KCRW (whatever that is o_o). Then on May 7th (two days later) it'll be up at Spinner.com for a week, where you can stream it.

Thom has answered some more questions on Spin With A Grin. He talked about singles, polotics and why there was another version of Morning Bell on Amnesiac.

MTV Italy is to start airing the Pyramid Song video on May 7th. So if you're in Italy, get watching!

Follow Me Around's News page has up some ace artwork for Pyramid Song and I Might Be Wrong. Check them out here.

NME.com announced yesterday that Radiohead were winners of the 'Best Artist Website' award for the NME.com Netsounds Awards. The award was judged on how the website effected the band's communication with their fans. Read the whole story here.

Lastly, the Iowa City Amnesiac playback at the Airliner restaurant has been cancelled, after being delayed a week.

[nice one Green Plastic Radiohead | Follow Me Around | At EASE]
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  # 1st May 2001
  It's here! It's here!

That's right, iBlip 2.0 hath arrived! It's class! Has all kinds of features such as Radiohead postcards, pictures, artwork, the Pyramid Song video, Radiohead buddy and loads more that I can't be arsed to talk about :D You don't have to download it, but to view it, you're going to need Flash Player, which you can download here, at macromedia.com.

To witness all its wonderfulness, click the scary d00d on the left, or the one on the main page.

Capitol Records have also revamped their page for Radiohead. See it here.

The US west coast tour dates are... *drum roll*

6/18 - Spring, TX @ C.W. Mitchell Pavilion
6/20 - Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre
6/23 - George, WA @ The Gorge
6/24 - Vancouver, BC @ Thunderbird Stadium
6/27 - Mountain View, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheatre
6/29 - Santa Barbara, CA @ Santa Barbara Bowl
6/30 - Santa Barbara, CA @ Santa Barbara Bowl

Ticket info as soon as we get it

There's an interview with Colin at IOL South Africa. Check it out here.

And there's a collection of Amnesiac reviews at Red Spy International, Music Critic, Cyberpresse [tis in French, guv] and FM Sound.

[nice one Green Plastic Radiohead]
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Old news
  If you're looking for older news, here's the archive. Everything since our news page was put up in March

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