# 29th June 2001
The news slowly filters back in again...

Posted by Paul - 12:20am

e have small trickles of news for you today in the early hours of the morning.

First things first: Some gig setlists!

- Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavillion, Houston Texas, USA - June 18th
- Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver, USA - June 20th
- Gorge Amphitheatre, George, USA - June 23rd
- Thunderbird Stadium, Vancouver, Canada - June 24th
- Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, USA - June 27th

Big Ideas [Don't Get Any] was played live for the first time in years! Maybe this means it isn't dead. The lads did stop playing suddenly because they were getting it wrong. But it's a ray of hope. The song is still alive!

Also, a new song called Reckoner was played for the first time on the 23rd at George. It was previously known as 'Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses', but had never been played live. It's pretty sweet! I think there's an mp3 somewhere floating about on At EASE.

Oh and I might as well mention it here, I put the lyrics up for unreleased song Cuttooth. Again, an mp3 will be floating about at previously mentioned site.
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  # 28th June 2001
An announcement

Posted by Paul - 3:23am

ight. Forking hell an' all that. As you've probably noticed, this place hasn't exactly been the most up to date of Radiohead sites as of late. I'm sorry, and it's entirely my fault. But at the end of the day, it's like this:

Quite frankly, at the moment I can't be arsed to update this place frequently. You might think that's me being lazy, and in truth it is. But I refuse to update the site because I feel like I have to. I only update the site when I want to. If I do it because I feel like I have to then it will become a chore, and I'll dislike it and eventually will just give it up. I want to be updating for the right reasons and for the time being, I simply don't feel like it.

This is only a temporary thing, so calm down. I just thought I'd let you know incase you're all getting a bit pissed off with me. And that's about it, really. Good day =D
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  # 14th June 2001

Posted by Paul - 3:00pm

nyway, our heroes have entered the US billboard charts at #2 with Amnesiac. I knew America would let us down ;) Apparently there were 231,450 copies sold. Which isn't bad to say it's far from a conventional mainstream record. You can check the charts out here.

Canada, though have done us proud. Amnesiac (I really need to update that page) has entered the Canadian charts at #1. And you can get a nice story about it here.

Radiohead are filming the Knives Out video, and apparently, this time around it's going to actually have real people! So why are they leaving Thom out, then? Just jokes... just jokes :) Anyway, here's a snippet of what's being said:

"Known for abstract animated visuals, art-rockers' new clip will feature singer Thom Yorke. Radiohead are working on the video for their next single, "Knives Out," and the clip will feature real human beings for a change. Following the abstract cartoon "iBlips" from Kid A and the computer-animated video for the U.K. single "Pyramid Song," the band decided to go live action on this outing. Directed by Michel Gondry — who helped Björk achieve her quirky vision in the videos for "Human Behaviour," "Hyperballad" and "Bachelorette," among others — the video features an appearance by lead singer Thom Yorke himself."

That was from: Sonicnet

Stolen from At EASE: "Hear/Say Music Magazine is holding a contests for artists who love Radiohead! The assignment: The assignment: Interpret one of the songs or song titles off Radiohead's newest release Amnesiac into some kind of visual artistic work. We're looking for drawings, paintings, sculptures, comic strips, macaroni pictures... wherever your mind leads you! The prizes: A set of four Radiohead art prints and a limited edition version of Amnesiac including a sweet art-filled book! Runners up will each get a copy of the limited edition version of Amnesiac. Deadline for submissions: August 13, 2001"

Get two reviews of the new album from United Front Webzine.

Go on, have an interview with Colin. I know you want to.

THE DAY'S TOURING INFORMATION Go here for all tour dates.

A gig in Norway has been confirmed. The lads are going to play the Oslo Spectrum on the 9th of September. Tickets on sale from this place from Saturday. THAT MEANS YOU, SVERRE!
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  # 12th June 2001
I want to see you smile again...

Posted by Paul - 3:00pm

limey, I took the piss a bit with the lack of updates, didn't I? No worries, though. The Paulster has everything under control. Paulster...? *shudder*

Firstly, did you miss the 'Later, with Jools Holland' programme? The lads played a live set exclusively for the BBC show. It even featured Humphrey Lyttleton on
Life In A Glass House! Well it was on on the 9th, and if like me, you're a silly twat and missed it, do not panic my friend! It repeats on BBC2 at 12:25am on June 17th! Thank God for repeats!

You can also get a setlist of the show here. And you can download the live debut of Life In A Glass House as an mp3 at At EASE. Y'know, their news page?

Some Amnesiac charty stuff!

> Amnesiac has entered the UK charts at #1
> The Ireland charts at #1
> It's #1 in Finland
> #2 in Australia
> #2 in Germany

And it's likely (though not definite) that it'll enter the US billboard charts at #1 too! =O

The new Radiohead.com is up at last. It's nice, but I prefer the old one. It was more bizarre :|

THE DAY'S TOURING INFORMATION Go here for all tour dates.

Right, after letting the Touring Centre fall behind and become completely out of date, I've gone and brought it right up to date again. Some dates have been added, some dates are now sold out, and some information has changed. To list all the changes in the news section would take ages, so just go to the Touring Centre, and check the relevant area/date for you and you'll find what you need, as up to date as possible. Cheers :)
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  # 5th June 2001
And this just feels like spinning plates

Posted by Paul - 3:00pm

mnesiac is now out in the US and Canada. Trust me, people. Buy the limited edition one. It's basically out worldwide now besides New Zealand (June 11th) and China (never) and... other places, I'm sure.

A few setlists. Well two, actually. The very late one being the Rock im Festival, and the not so late one being the Pinkpop Festival.

Our little friend, the Googly Minotaur is launched today. Add him to your buddy lists with the name 'googlyminotaur' and talk to him about anything Radiohead, or not, that you want!

Amnesiac Reviews:
> The Dallas Observer
> LA Times

- Pyramid Song dropped to 20th in it's 2nd week in the UK charts after entering at 5th
- It's entered the Australian charts at #25. For shame...
- Even worse is the Netherlands, who place it at #45.

Two interviews with Ed can be found here, and here.

THE DAY'S TOURING INFORMATION Go here for all tour dates.

This is an e-mail from w.a.s.t.e about American tour date tickets:

"Tickets for North American Tour W.A.S.T.E LOTTERY - w.a.s.t.e have once again begged for some tickets to sell direct to fans. Please go to http://www.waste.uk.com and click on NORTH AMERICAN TICKETS. You will have the opportunity to request tickets for the August USA shows using our lottery system which will start from 12.01 am on June 7th, 2001 until noon on June 10th, 2001. Your request will be entered into a lottery to see who gets to buy what and where..... whether youare successful or not, you will be e-mailed within 72 hours of the close on the 10th.

GENERAL ON-SALE DATE - June16th, 2001

The easiest way to request tickets will be on-line through w.a.s.t.e. starting one minute after midnight, June 7th, but for those of you non-internet savvy types out there, you can also purchase tickets or get information about your request by calling 1-804-951-0327 beginning June 9th at 9:00 am. Our phone lines will be open June 9th from 9:00 am until 9 pm and on June 10th from 9:00 am until noon. THERE IS NO PREFERENCE GIVEN TO TIME OR METHOD OF ORDER; everyone gets a fair chance.

Please do not scramble to get there - relax, sit back and take your time. There is no hurry and no first come first served rush to contend with.........anytime over those three and a half days will do.

(All times noted above are in Eastern Standard Time for US and Canada)"

Toronto - Molson Park - August 2nd - Internet presale on June 11th @ www.infinit.com. Proper sale on June 16th.
Montreal - Park Jean Drapeu - August 5th - Internet presale on June 11th @ www.infinit.com. Proper sale on June 16th.

Big thanks to Climbing Up The Walls, At EASE and Follow Me Around.
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  # 4th June 2001
Today is the day we've all been waiting for :D

Posted by Paul - 3:00pm

Regular Amnesiac Cover [Click to enlarge]hat's right, people! Today Radiohead's new album Amnesiac was released in the UK, Australia, and most of Europe! I went to my local shop thingy this morning and bought the Limited Edition CD. £13.99, and a bargain for what you get. The regular Amnesiac is simply a CD case with a picture of a worn out book on the front. It's £9.99 and looks like what you see to your left.

The real cool stuff however, comes with the limited edition version. It's literally, a hardback book. The book you see on the disc cover for the original, is what the limited edition one is. It is that very book. Inside the book is a slew of full colour glossy artwork pages, and on the book's inside cover is a wallet for the disc to sit in, and a load of stamped dates and text as if the book was a library book. There's even a little piece of paper that can be pulled out for when you've taken the book out! I can't stress how ace it is :D

This is the Amnesiac tracklist in all its glory

01. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
02. Pyramid Song
03. Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors
04. You And Whose Army?
05. I Might Be Wrong
06. Knives Out
07. The Morning Bell Amnesiac
08. Dollars & Cents
09. Hunting Bears
10. Like Spinning Plates
11. Life In A Glass House

Remember, the US and Canada get Amnesiac tomorrow!

Right, now that's out of the way you can see some scans of the Blender magazine in which Thom is asked questions mailed in by fans. It's here.

TV Stuff:
> Radiohead will be interviewed on VH1 UK today on 'Talk Music' at 11 pm.
> Ed and Phil will be on MTV UK at 11 pm on 'Brand New' on June 5 (tomorrow). Repeated on Wednesday on MTV2 UK at 11 pm.

On a completely unrelated note I bought the new Muse single today, 'New Born'. I'm not too into Muse, but I liked this one, and I was in a record shop (buying Amnesiac) with a lot of money, so I thought 'Why not?' And I did. Indeed. Great song, but the artwork for the single was a complete ripoff of the stuff from OK Computer. It had people like, drawn in the same way. Mountains in the background (drawn of course) a coloured shape of a plane taking off. People sitting at a table. The light blue colour scheme was even used! *angry* =O I thought their first album was full of 'We think we're Radiohead from 1995' songs anyway. But I let them off because the new stuff is actually very good, and not too Radiohead-like. But come on, lads! Get your own artwork!
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  # 2nd June 2001
Same as it ever was, same as it ever was!

Posted by Paul - 3:00pm

ickets for Japan gigs in Osaka 30/9 and Yokohama 3/10 are now on sale at w.a.s.t.e. Bit expensive though.

Speaking of Japan, the band are also MTV Japan's Band Of The Month. Not to mention the fact that they're Yahoo's Band Of The Month too! *clap*

This here site has some excellent scans of the Amnesiac booklet for you to have a ganders at.

Also, we hear that said album is not to arrive in New Zealand until June 11th. Plus, the Pyramid Song single isn't going to be released there at all!! *sob* There are... no words.. Not even Germany deserves this...

-- Chart Watch -- or... something. Canada have done us proud. Pyramid Song is #2 in their singles charts.

The new Radiohead.com is going to be online this Monday, says good old Stanley.

The setlist for last night's gig in Germany is here. You can get a review from Green Plastic Radiohead's news page, too.

Capitol Records have this to say:

"June 5th marks the arrival of not only Radiohead's 5th album, Amnesiac, but the launch of the "soon to be world famous" GooglyMinotaur. Befriend him by adding his name to your instant message buddy list. He's got the 411 on Radiohead past, present and future. But, that's not all... he'll challenge you with Radiohead trivia, hangman and more. Remind friends of the minotaur's quintessential Amnesiac existence by collecting all four of his buddy icons and swapping them"

Plus, Radiohead is being crowned "Yahoo! Band of the Month" for June. The inauguration begins with an auction for front row seats to see the band on the first leg of their tour. The bidding starts with Houston and Denver. We'll keep you updated as Yahoo puts more hot tickets on the auction block.

MTV's Ten Spot will feature a special live Radiohead performance taped at France's Canal + this Tuesday, June 5th (in case you've forgotten the date!) Showtime is 10:30pm EST/PST. Tune in.

Plus watch webcasts of the Oxford fivesome rocking France and Germany and catch up with Thom, Colin and Ed in their latest interview with Radio 1.


Thanks to Climbing Up The Walls for the ability to steal information. This has been the news @ Fitter Happier. Goodnight.
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  # 1st June 2001
I'm on the road to nowhere, do be doo...

Posted by Paul - 3:00pm

ou can find a bunch of mp3s from the Vaison la Romaine, France concert on At EASE's news page.

It's rumoured that Amnesiac is hitting stores early worldwide. Copies have been found in Japan, Chile and Norway. Remember, it officially goes on sale in 3 days!

You can get a bunch of Amnesiac reviews below:
> The Guardian
> Alternative Press @ At EASE
> Spin Again, thanks At EASE
> Poland.com [in Polish]
> Rolling Stone
> Nude As The News
> Wall Of Sound
> The NME

And a bunch of band interviews:
> Thom, Colin and Jonny on Radio 1 with Mark & Lard. You can download the solo Pyramid Song performance by Thom here.
> Jonny at The Dallas Observer
> Phil in yesterday's Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad'
> Thom in this month's OOR magazine in the Netherlands

In this month's Creative Review (UK Magazine) there will be a free DVD to their subscribers, which includes "a complete set of the 43 Radiohead Kid A blipverts directed by Shynola and Chris Bran". Excellent!

Apparently, Pitchfork think that a Knives Out EP will be released in the UK on July 24th. Here's hoping =D More news as we get it.

Tickets to the Montreal gig on August 5th are to go on sale at 10am on the 11th of June from Admission.com.

The setlist for the gig in Italy on Wednesday is here.

The Pinkpop festival that Radiohead are to play at, can be watched at this site.

The Pyramid Song single has shot in to #3 in the Norwegian charts. Well done, lads!

Lots of news stolen thanks to
Follow Me Around | Green Plastic Radiohead | Climbing Up The Walls | At EASE.
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