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   April 29th '01

Yet again, there be News! Not much, though.

   April 27th '01

A few things, today. I added the Pyramid Song video to the Videography.
I also updated the New Album [Amnesiac] page a touch.
And as always, there is more News.

   April 26th '01

Guess what the update is?! I KNOW :O! *shocked*... Anyway... News.

   April 25th '01

News is the dish of the day, sir.

   April 23rd '01

BLOODY HELL... It's something other than news?! Are you sick man? Yes. I added a link to the Links and the Affiliates sections.

It's still the early hours, so don't worry. News will probably follow :)

4:26pm: News hath followed.

   April 22nd '01

AND some more News. At least I'm consistent :D

   April 20th '01

More News.

   April 19th '01

More News. Booyakasha, innit.

   April 17th '01

So you think you can love me and leave me to dieee? *moshes*... Err, sorry... I had Queen on :D Anyway, more News.

   April 15th '01

More News, fellas. Enjoy!

   April 13th '01

Respect! Booyakasha. Me 'as killed Paul, and then updated 'iz News page for 'im. Cuz I is a bit weird like that, right. Respect to me Staines massive! An' me Julie. Innit.

   April 12th '01

Updated the News page. And also, also, also... COMPLETELY UPDATED almost everything on the Amnesiac page! Now we have lyrics, more detailed song info, more quotes, more info on everything. Go look!

   April 11th '01

More McNews. Fancy a SANDWICH?!... Sorry.

   April 10th '01

Today, I created the affiliates page! Yay! :D I like the look, do you? Go to the Main Page to see it, and click on the Affiliates link.

I also updated the News page again.

   April 7th '01

You know the score... News.

   April 6th '01

And again... News.

   April 5th '01

More News, again.

   April 4th '01

More News.

   April 3rd '01

Updated the News page. I'm gonna redesign this updates page too, soon. It's a bit shit, isn't it?

   April 2nd '01

Wrote a huge friggin' essay on the history of the band and why I like them. It's in the band section, or here. Really tired now.

The News page has also been updated.

8:54pm: Just finished off the Radiohead section. Knackered.

   April 1st '01

Updated News and built the Radiohead page. This is all about the band and stuff.. So far only the entrance page works though. Gimme time!

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