Release Date: 12th November 2001 [UK]
Label: Parlophone
Cat: CDFHEIT45104


01. The National Anthem [live]
02. I Might Be Wrong [live]
03. Morning Bell [live]
04. Like Spinning Plates [live]
05. Idioteque [live]
06. Everything In Its Right Place [live]
07. Dollars & Cents [live]
08. True Love Waits [live]

I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings Disc Cover

Labelled a 'mini-album' by the record company, this is basically a live EP full of tracks from the 2001 Amnesiac tours. All the tracks are from the band's previous two albums Kid A and Amnesaic. With the exception of True Love Waits, which has never previously been released. A studio version of this track still doesn't exist, but now it's available (in live form) to the masses, and not just bootleggers.
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