Fitter Happier - Radiohead Releases
01. Drill EP
02. Itch EP
03. Creep [Black Session EP]
04. Anyone Can Play Guitar Tour EP
05. My Iron Lung EP
06. Club Mix DJ: Planet Telex
07. Live At The Astoria
08. Live Au Forum
09. High And Dry Live Package
10. Just For College EP
11. The Bends - Pinkpop
12. Street Spirit [Fade Out] 2 Meter Sessions
13. College Karma EP
14. Running From Demons EP
15. Airbag/How Am I Driving? EP
16. Pyramid Song College EP
17. Pyramid Song - Pinkpop
18. I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings

Radiohead have released a decent number of EP's, or 'mini-albums' as some folk call them. They're about as rare as visitors to this site, though. You'll have a hard time finding them anywhere. And if you do, I'm betting they'll be expensive. In any case, click a link to the left to be taken to that EP's page. Contained within each page is a Tracklist, reviews, links to song information and basically everything else of value. I'm very tired now.
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