Release Date: 21st Sept 1992 [UK]
Producers: Paul Kolderie and Sean Slade.
Label: Parlophone
Peak Chart Position: #7 [UK]

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The big one. This single was largely ignored in the UK when it was first released, failing to even climb into the top 70. Upon release in America, though, this track was added to several radio station rosters and aired frequently on MTV. Suddenly, after the failed single that was Drill, Radiohead had themselves a hit. This was later reissued in the UK and climbed to a respectable 7th. It was also the reason many critics branded Radiohead as one-hit wonders. After later singles didn't display the same energy or talent that Creep had done.

Radiohead originally intended this to be a double A-side. With Million Dollar Question and Inside My Head as the A-sides. Imagine that... That makes the song that shot the band to fame would become a B-side. Maybe we wouldn't even have heard of Radiohead at all?

Creep UK Disc Cover - Creep [UK] -

Cat: CDR 6078 | Release: 21 Sept '92

01. Creep
02. Lurgee
03. Inside My Head
04. Million Dollar Question
Creep Reissue Disc Cover - Creep [Reissue] -

Cat: CDR 6359 | Release: 6 Sept '93

01. Creep
02. Yes I Am
03. Blow Out [remix]
04. Inside My Head [live]
Creep Netherlands/German Disc Cover - Creep [Netherlands/German] -

Cat: PM 515 | Release: ? '93

01. Creep
02. Yes I Am
03. Inside My Head [live]
04. Creep [acoustic]
Creep Japan Disc Cover - Creep [Japan] -

Cat: ? | Release: ? '93

01. Creep
02. Yes I Am
03. Inside My Head [live]
04. Creep [acoustic]
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