Release Date: 1st January 1995
Publisher: Picture Music International
Length: 68 minutes


01. You
02. Bones
03. Ripcord
04. Black Star
05. Creep
06. The Bends
07. My Iron Lung
08. Prove Yourself
09. Maquiladora
10. Vegetable
11. Fake Plastic Trees
12. Just
13. Stop Whispering
14. Anyone Can Play Guitar
15. Street Spirit [Fade Out]
16. Pop Is Dead
17. Blow Out

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The Astoria London Live Video Cover

Radiohead played a concert live at the Astoria in London. The entire show was filmed, and this is the video.

The track My Iron Lung from this video, is the same one Radiohead used for the single's video. The actual track My Iron Lung, was taken from this very concert. Thom's voice was dubbed on afterwards, but the music is simply this same recording of when they played at Astoria.
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