June 1997
Length: 3:49
Disc: OK Computer
Tablature: Guitar | Bass

Other Versions:
String Version - Strung Out On OK Computer

Thom describes this song as being about preaching to others through a microphone. He uses the metaphor of a politician selling his party platform to critique the live promotional shows Radiohead was doing to sell its music. In its original, 1996 live form, the song ended on a very catchy note with Thom repeating the line "Doin' it all." Many fans were surprised and a little disappointed at the final version that made OK Computer.

Thom was thinking of the Poll Tax Riots as he wrote this, the scenes were people were breaking down the gates of Downing Street. As well as being political, the song is also about them, travelling around the globe and having to sell their records to people.

It was recorded in their Oxford studios, Canned Applause. It is a tricky song to get right live, and for that reason is rarely played, but was played on the Tonight with Jay Leno Show in the USA on 25 July 1997.

This is, plain and simple, a rock song. Some people believe it doesn't quite fit on OK Computer, because it's pure rock, and not quite the same sound as the rest of the album. I don't believe that. To me, it fits just fine where it is. The lyrics are very fitting of the album, and there's no doubt it's a great song. This played this live on the Jay Leno show. There's also a clip on Meeting People Is Easy of the band playing this live, and it shows Thom getting a little too into the track, as his head rocks about in motion to the music. Then he starts to wail and jump around thrashing his guitar. It's ace :D

I will stop, I will stop at nothing
Say the right things when electioneering
I trust I can rely on your vote

When I go forwards you go backwards
And somewhere we will meet
When I go forwards you go backwards
And somewhere we will meet
Ha ha ha

Riot shields, voodoo economics
It's just business, cattle prods and the I.M.F.
I trust I can rely on your vote

When I go forwards you go backwards
And somewhere we will meet
When I go forwards you go backwards
And somewhere we will meet
Thom Yorke "We live under a world banking system and media that make it almost irrelevant who is in power. Political systems worldwide are at the mercy of business and bullshit economies. I can't recycle any of the polythene packaging that fills my house. Why?" - Thom

"The sentence 'when I go forward, you go backwards and somewhere we will meet' is about not giving a damn about that bullshit. After a while, you get this attitude of 'You're all in this circus, but I laugh with it'. On the other hand, I do need those votes of course *smiles*." - Thom

"This is about being liberated, this is about getting beyond the dirge, they are all bullshitting, but I'm already laughing. On the other side, I trust I can rely on your vote." - Thom

"The songs are far less personal than the ones on 'The Bends'. I didn't feel that same need to tell my own story. I was much more involved in other peoples world, and I put my own thoughts in perspective." - Thom Colin Greenwood

"The lyrics are more like trips in Thom's mind than really personal thoughts." - Colin
Jonny Greenwood
"We're not a political band, but we are all political people. One of the first things I can remember is Margaret Thatcher coming to power, so just the fact that it's changed is revelation enough. We had a hell of a party that night." - Jonny

"Electioneering has a resemblance with Paranoid Android. It's about networking, spheres of influence, demonstrating yourself as a personality. All for the commercial gain. The song sounds very good live." - Jonny Ed O'Brien

"When you have to promote your album for a longer period, in the United States for example, you fly around from city to city for weeks to meet journalists and record company people. After a while you feel like a politician who has to kiss babies and shake hands all day long." - Ed

"If Tony Blair can behave as a pop-star, why shouldn't we feel a bit like politicians?." - Ed
Phil Selway
"We are the New Labour of Rock!" - Phil
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