Thom Singing Bit of the crowd Pluck those strings! More thom... And more... Jonny ties his shoelace when no one is looking Booka! It's him!

Director: Brett Turnbul
Location: The Venue, Oxford, England
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Filmed at The Venue in Oxford, this was Radiohead's first video. Obviously, the cash wasn't flowing yet. So all this is, is a live performance at their home town. Not a lot more. The lighitng is dingy, and brightens every time the guitar explodes. Thom's hair is short, and he's not looking too dodgy. The rest of the band do though... Colin with long hair is a scary sight!

Not much else to note... Oh yeah, the track which accompanies this video is the radio edit version from the US Pablo Honey, where the lyric is changed to "You're so very special". Rather than "You're so fucking special". Gutted mate.

""Shot in front of a home crowd at the Venue in Oxford. We haven't been asked back since"
- Radiohead

Despite being about 9 years old, this video is still played on UK music stations from time to time.
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