Thom does his best 'It's a bird! It's a plane!' impression Thom does his best 'It's the camera' imression Yes He really is that small in real life Possibly a scene from The Never Ending Story Worrying More worrying Strum strum goes the guitar Indeed Oh really? A far away shot Jonny, viewed from a great height The whole band I knew Colin would sort his hair out eventually

Director: David Mould
Location: Vasquez Rocks, California
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A fully black and white video. The band are playing in the desert, in front of a huge oil tanker or something. Strangely enough, sometimes it's there... sometimes it isn't. The camera changes to a kind of radar screen and homes in on the band from time to time. That's basically all it is. Apparently, the location of the video was also used in Star Trek, and Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.

We're now full into The Bends territory, and the band have sorted their looks out. Thom's got his hair chopped, as has Colin. They don't scare me anymore. Towards the end of the video, it starts to rain. But we're not talking a light drizzle, though. We're talking absolute flood. The band end up soaking but keep playing.

"Shot by David Mould at Vasqez Rocks in California, it featured the band playing out in the desert in front of a water tanker. As the song unfolded, the band were soaked by falling rain, and thereby hung an amusing little tale. "When we turned on the rain machine, we didn't realise you could warm up the water beforehand so the whole band ended up being doused in ice cold water and getting flue. Colin was shaking so much I thought he was going to keel over." - The Interview Booklet

This video is still shown from time to time on UK music channels.
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