A waitress, tomorrow An ugly bloke... next thursday That's what the yanks call a doggy bag type deal thingy box.  We don't have them The idea is you take home what you can't eat Go on son, push! Thom washes his mug Scary Thom washes his mug again... but the camera retreats to safety Thom lets his mug dry naturally O_o 'This is going to take all day'

Director: Paul Cunningham
Location: Dicks Diner, San Leandro, California
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Apparently the band weren't happy with the original High And Dry video. So they did another one. This one was mainly aired in the US only. It takes place inside an American Diner, which the band walk into. The band are in the video, but they're not the centre piece for a change. A rather complex plot goes on around them, as they sit and watch TV at a table. Random people in the diner sing the words to the song, and a fat man hides in a toilet because he's stressed out about something. This sly looking couple order something, and the man slips a key into the food for them. Something dodgy is going down, and the couple rush to their car and get the key out. Looking all excited about it, the car suddenly blows up in their faces.

Sorry if that made no sense at all.. It really is a very complex video. Think Pulp Fiction in 4 minutes, and you get the idea.

Thom has red hair in this video.. I don't know, eh? The rest of the band are hardly in it. Thom's only seen slightly more than them, because he goes the toilet as the fat man does. As I said, Radiohead are in the video, but they're not the focus.

This High And Dry video isn't shown on UK music stations, instead it's this one. Don't know about the US. But the only time I ever saw this video was on an MTV:2 Radiohead special.
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