I've dropped my contacts! Bloody hell, where are they? Oh shit... Stop! This could wel hurt quite a bit I see A trail of red cola 'I... I love red cola'! Vroom, VROOM!

Director: Jonathan Glazer
Location: A Road, England
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Apparently inspired by a bad dream that the director had, this is the Karma Police video. The viewer is sat in the front of the car, and Thom is in the back as the 'story-teller'. The car chases a man running along the road, until the man becomes so exhausted from running he collapses to the ground. The car then reverses away a bit, and reveals a trail of petrol leakage. The man, shivering with fear, lights a match behind his back and throws it onto the petrol. This quickly ignights and starts moving at great speed towards the car, which by now, is reversing as fast as it can.

Eventually, the car is set on fire, and the camera (or the viewers point of view) spins around frantically in panic. As they look at the back seat, Thom has vanished and the car burns up.

"It [the video] means things will catch up with you." - Thom

During the shoot of the Karma Police video, carbon monoxide was thrown out of the air conditioner, so as Thom sang and performed for the video, he was poisoning himself to death. During the final "I lost myself" refrain, he fainted. Right after they were done, they took him out of the car and gave him oxygen. He got better.
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