Thom sings the song, before the lights are turned on Yup.. I wasn't lying The lights are turned on and water starts to fill the helmet Thom is completely submerged in water Just before Thom dies, the water is emptied Wet, but unscathed.  The lad continues singing He's so brave!

Director: Grant Gee
Location: A Film Studio, Earth, The Milkway
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Another great Radiohead video. Filmed by Grant Gee, the director of Meeting People Is Easy. He said: "It's the perfect image of anxiety and helplessness in the face of technology".

Thom is inside some strange kind of helmet, as he starts to sing the song. The entire video is just shots of Thom's face inside this helmet. But it's still genius. The lyrics to the song are reflected off the helmet, as is a lot of the lighting. Soon, water begins to slowly fill up inside the helmet.

Eventually, the entire helmet is filled with water, and Thom holds his breath for a long time. Then the helmet empties, and Thom (who is by now very breathless) takes in a few deep breaths and continues singing the rest of the song.

On Meeting People Is Easy, there's a part about the making of this video. Thom took a good few tries to get it right. A few times he paniced and the water was emptied earlier.
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