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   January 30, 2002

Put up a new poll, which can be found on the News page. Yes, I finally made myself do it :)

   January 29, 2002

Alright, I added/updated disc covers for the following EPs in the Discography:

+ Creep: Black Session EP
+ Just For College EP
+ Live Au Forum EP
+ The Bends - Pinkpop EP
+ Live At The Astoria EP
+ College Karma EP
+ Pyramid Song Pinkpop EP

Cheers to Kevin for the pics.

Later that day: News.

   January 28, 2002

Updated the News again, and also the Calendar. As I mention on the news page, I'm working on a new section.. Expect to see more of it in the next couple of days.

   January 23, 2002

Yet more News. I'm on a roll.. I'm on a roll this time..

   January 22, 2002

Updated the News and the Calendar. That Calendar is a pain in the arse to update... Ok. There's something funny on the news page for you though :)

   January 17, 2002

Updated the News page. We actually have an exclusive today :D Also updated the Calendar.

   January 10, 2002

Even more News! Blogger has been a bit of a bitch recently, so I couldn't update this part properly... If only I had the money for my own server so I could run Greymatter =( Oh yeah, also updated the Calendar and yes it WAS about time.

   January 9, 2002

More News! Something decent about a tour today =D

   January 5, 2002

Updated the News and now I'm knackered. Think I'll sit and play Jet Set Radio all night now.. It's too cold to do anything else.

   January 1, 2002

A new month, a new load of News, and I hope you all had a happy Christmas and New Years. Ok =D Old updates have been thrown into the Archive.

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