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A day to day calendar of Radiohead events. If there is anything at all happening in the world of Radiohead, be it on TV, radio, internet, some concert or whatever... Then you should find it here. If you know about something and it isn't here, then please let me know. The address is Cheers, and enjoy!
One thing to bear in mind, is that if I mention something is on at say 1am on November 3rd, I mean it is on really, really early that morning.. Not late that night.

 # February 1, 2002

+ The episode of Saturday Night Live that featured Radiohead is to be repeated on US channel Comedy Central at 5pm ET. The band played both Idioteque and The National Anthem on the show.

 # February 20, 2002

+ Brit Awards will take place. Radiohead up for Best British Group and Best British Album (Kid A).

 # February 21, 2002

+ Brit Awards is on telly. UK tv station ITV will be showing it, at night. Don't know what time yet. I'm sure you're all capable of finding a TV guide nearer the time. Radiohead up for Best British Group and Best British Album (Kid A).

 # February 27, 2002

The Grammy Awards take place. Radiohead are nominated for best alternative album with Amnesiac. Stanley Donwood and Tchocky (Thom) are nominated for best recording package (Amnesiac limited edition) and good old Nigel Godrich is up for best producer with Amnesiac and Travis' 'The Invisible Band'.

It's going to be on telly worldwide, but if you're in the UK you'll probably end up with the same crap as last time with 'highlights' on at like 4am. More information as soon as we get it.

 # March 12, 2002

Danish radio station P3 will air the 1995 Radiohead Glastonbury performance from midnight until 1am.

 # April 20, 2002

+ There is to be a ballet performed at North Eugene High School Auditorium, and it's to be completely choreographed to Radiohead music. It's also going to follow a Radiohead theme... Thom in tights.. the thought could send even the toughest men off the edge. If you're in the area, then the address is North Eguene High School Auditorium. 200 Silver Lane in Eugene, Oregon. Time: 7:30pm. To get in you have to bring a food donation. I have no idea what this means.

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