March 1995
Length: 3:52
Disc: The Bends
Tablature: Guitar

Other Versions:
Demo Version - Sharks Patrol These Waters Volume 13
Live @ Rock City - The Bends - Pinkpop [misprint]

This song, lyrically, explains the idea that life is wonderful. That everything is perfect, but as the chorus continually echoes, it's only a 'nice dream'. Probably some of the more depressing lyrics the band have ever done.

Heard at the end of the track are selections from an Artic-sounds tape of John Leckie's. The demo version, available on the compilation Shark's Patrol These Waters Volume 13, is mainly an acoustic number featuring organ and strings. This version also contains the original lyrics of the song. The second verse chronicles a sweet fascination: "I'm a sweet man / Made of chocolate / Your licorice eyes will enrapt me..." While the album version is lyrically superior, this one is still worth a listen

It starts as an acoustic track, and grows to incorporate some strings, and eventually heavy electric guitars. The chorus, which contains only the words 'nice dream' repeats over and over. It actually sounds better than you'd think. This used to be one of my favourite tracks on the album.

This track apparently came close to being a US single.

They love me like I was a brother
They protect me, listen to me
They dug me my very own garden
Gave me sunshine, made me happy

Nice dream, nice dream
Nice dream

I call up my friend, the good angel
But she's out with her answerphone
She says that she'd love to come help but
The sea would electrocute us all

Nice dream, nice dream
Nice dream, nice dream
Nice dream, nice dream
Nice dream (If you think that you're strong enough)
Nice dream (If you think you belong enough)
Nice dream (If you think that you're strong enough)
Nice dream (If you think you belong enough)

Nice dream, nice dream
Nice dream, nice dream
Thom Yorke "I don't remember my dreams. But this is one that won't go away." - Thom

"We all debuted playing acoustic guitar on this in a sort of cosmic Kumbaya outside the studio. There's this awful photograph of us all sitting on a lawn with headphones on. The lyrics came out of a half-drunk dream I had, one of those where you don't really sleep properly. It's about our relationship with people generally." - Thom Ed O'Brien

"I remember when Thom played the song to me on tape, just him and the acoustic. We were in my car and I had to rewind and play the song about ten times. We were supporting Kingmaker at the time at the end of 1992." - Ed
Jonny Greenwood
"A D D E A D D E Bm E A Aninth FLAT fifth A Aninth flat fifth A Bm E A B Bm B A" - Jonny Colin Greenwood

"Dreamy antithesis of Bones, it also features Leckie's whale songs at the end." - Colin
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