Location: Oslo, Norway
Venue: Spectrum
Date: 9th September 2001


01. The National Anthem
02. Hunting Bears 'hello'
03. Morning Bell
04. My Iron Lung 'you've got the wrong gig' (to moshers and shovers at the front)
05. Karma Police
06. Optimistic 'this is called Knives Out'
07. Knives Out
08. Exit Music [For A Film]
09. No Surprises
10. Dollars & Cents
11. Airbag
12. Street Spirit [Fade Out]
13. I Might Be Wrong 'and now it's... Pyramid Song'
14. Pyramid Song 'thanks very much. the trouble with the music industry at the moment is that there are large numbers of twats who take large amounts of cocaine and think they are incredibly wonderful... making sort of dodgy lifestyle videos, you know... lots of this (gesticulates with hands), lots of mercedes, you know... we should all aspire to it apparently. Well this song is for them.'
15. Paranoid Android
16. Idioteque
17. Everything In Its Right Place 'thank you, goodnight'

-- 1st Encore --

18. Lucky 'is that too loud or about right?' (after checking the volume on his guitar) 'this is a dirty song about people who use sex for dirty things'
19. Pearly* 'thank you. that's an old song called Pearly*. I can't even remember what it's off'
20. You And Whose Army?
21. How To Disappear Completely

-- 2nd Encore --

22. True Love Waits 'thank you...for those of you that don't know that last song is called True Love Waits. This song is called The Bends'
23. The Bends

Thanks to Follow Me Around for Thom's dialogue.

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