Site Updates

   March 31st '01

Made the News page. Should be updating that every time something happens in Radiohead world. So keep checking up on it.

   March 29th '01

Created the New Album [Amnesiac] page. The more info we find out about it, it should all be added to there. Go check it out! Find out about the band's upcoming release. That's about all I did today.

   March 25th '01

I did the Viewing Requirements page today. It's found on the Main Page. So go there to see how best to view this place.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention yesterday that I did the Books section of the discography. Only got the Videography left to do there...

It's only 4:30pm... so I might update again later if I get anything done.

I'm back! It's 11:10pm and I've finished the Videography. With that, the discography, and the entire Releases section is completed!!! Thank God! It took me bloody ages... I might start to actually advertise this place now.

   March 23rd '01

I made the Message Boards!!!!! Go register and post ^_^ I'm gonna use EzBoard because it's on a very reliable server of its own. And I don't have a server all to myself yet. EzBoard is pretty decent, anyway. So, if you're reading this now, go over there and become a member! :D

   March 22nd '01

Video Section of the discography is now done. Go see! I'm so tired, that's why these updates are getting thinner and thinner lately... Sorry.

Oh yeah, I kind of redid the Guestbook too. So go sign it! I hate the thought that I'm the only person who ever reads this shit...

   March 21st '01

Today, I finally completed the Radiohead Singles! The Discography should soon be all done. Wew :)

   March 18th '01

Done all the EPs today. It's only bloody 4pm and I'm knackered. In any case, the EPs are here. Have uhm... fun?

   March 17th '01

Been a long time, aye? Well, I worked pretty hard. And I've got the Albums all done in the Discography. Except for Amnesiac... But, the other four are all there, done and dusted. I dunno if I should do Amnesiac now, or the EP's and Singles or something...
   March 9th '01

Created the main page of the Releases section. That one is going to be massive eventually, so don't expect the whole thing done for a lo~ng time. The links are up, but none of them will work. I also put a bit of research into finding rare releases, but haven't put anything into HTML yet.

Also got myself a counter so I can tell how many thousands of you are visiting this page at once.

   March 8th '01

I built the Links page. Put up a bunch of my favourite Radiohead sites. Also added a load of links for websites my friends have made... As well as some online links which I just like. Even if they have nothing to do with people I know, or Radiohead. You don't have to click 'em. But they're there anyway. Do u leik teh color sceme?!?!

   March 6th '01

Wew, 10 years later, an' all that! Anyway, I did have a lot of content up, but I got really depressed about the layout and thought "FRIGG! THIS SITE IS CRAP!" and went on a redesigning rampage. So I'm starting all over again :D Ahh, to be a perfectionist is difficult... Anyway, I've redesigned the Main page all over again. And now I'm doing this, the Updates page. Ah well...

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