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   October 30, 2001

And yet more News. I just can't get enough!

   October 29, 2001

More News.

We're going to be moving servers in the next few days... But don't worry... If I work it properly with my 1337 skillz, then you shouldn't even notice.

   October 27, 2001

Yes, it's only 12:17am, but it's a new day. And this new day brings great News for us all!

   October 26, 2001

Added Just For College and College Karma to the EPs section of the Discography. Cheers Kevin for helping me out with those! =O

   October 25, 2001

News, mate. Also updated the Discography some more. Here's what I added to it:

El President single and Video
Rabbit In Your Headlights single
and Video
I Might Be Wrong Video
[internet version] and the regular I Might Be Wrong Video.

I work bloody hard I do =O

   October 23, 2001

More News. If I can be arsed, the Discography might have a few tasty additions later too.

Later: Yes, I came through! I've added Demos, Promos and Collaborations to the Discography. As well as a few EPs.

Also added an affiliate to the Affiliates & Links.

   October 22, 2001

This is it, the moment you've all been waiting for... News!!! Okay, maybe not but check it out anyway.

   October 21, 2001

10:17am: There be News. So go and dance in the streets about it.

There's also a new Poll up. Go and vote :D

   October 20, 2001

6:55pm: Put up some News.

Hours earlier (dunno exactly when): Added Collaborations and Covers to the Lyrics & Song Info section. Which means we now have lyrics for the wonderful Rabbit In Your Headlights, Nobody Does It Better and, well... A good 15 or so more.

   October 19, 2001

Updated the News. Still early, will probably add more later.

   October 18, 2001

Added another EP to the Discography... And added some links in the links section... As well as lots of little fiddling that you wouldn't notice.

Right now I'm working on adding lyrics for all the covers and collaborations Radiohead have done. Should be done by tomorrow.

   October 17, 2001

There is News. And a fair bit of it, too.

Also, also! I added the On A Friday demo songs to the Lyrics & Songs section. As well adding pages for the Unreleased tracks Last Flowers Till The Hospital and Wicked Child.

   October 16, 2001

Okay, I had a big long arse entry here but then my computer crashed... The stupid @&%$...

So anyway... With there being no news lately, and a lot of people emailing me with corrections and additions (thanks, if you did) to the A-Z of Songs list, I thought I'd go ahead and update the Discography a lot. Basically, there are more EPs, more Singles, and I actually worked on lots of other stuff that took me ages but isn't as noticeable... Such as adding little black borders around all the images to make them look cooler..

I'm not done, either... Right now I'm working on adding lyrics to the On A Friday songs, and when I'm done with that, I'm gonna add a Demos and Promos section to the Discography. As well as update the A-Z of Songs with all the corrections people have sent in (thanks). They're not up yet... But I'm working on it! Just cuz there's no news doesn't mean there's no activity at Fitter Happier!

(Yes, I know that was cheesy and lame)

   October 13, 2001

Added the Lucky French Promo to the Discography after my good mate Bjorn from informed me it was missing. Besides that... nothing. A few bits here and there but nothing worth noting.

Oh yeah... I also turned this updates page into a blog cuz adding the tables every time was starting to annoy me.

There might be news later.. It's still early.

Later: Yes it's true... There is News.

   October 11th '01

Just for you: News.

   October 10th '01

There be News just for you, my son.

   October 9th '01

I didn't update for a few days, but hey, I'll make it up to you all with a treat. There's an entirely new section at Fitter Happier. Yes, the Radiohead Song Tablature section is now online and fully functional. As usual, email me with opinions, suggestions, corrections, additions etc. I'll catch up on the news in a minute, too.

   October 6th '01

Because I am a mad geezer... I decided it was time to add more links to the Main Page to show you of sections that will be coming soon. Obviously 'soon' is a term I use very loosely to mean, possibly never. But it'll be fun anyway. Black words are sections coming soon... blue links are things that work. Email me about what you think:

   October 5th '01

Same as yesterday, but less so. News and Touring Centre.

   October 4th '01

News... Hungry... tasty...

Later: Added the Yokohama setlist and updated the Touring Centre.

   October 3rd '01

More News. It's only like... 2:40am so there'll probably be more stuff later if you check back. I have the flu... wasn't that interesting? Later that day: The sun is shining, the birds are singing. And the Touring Centre has a new setlist. All is right with the world. I also added more News.

   October 2nd '01

Okay, we have more News. And also, I updated the Affiliates & Links section, because there were a few cool Radiohead sites I didn't know about out there =O

Also, that A-Z Of Radiohead List thing I did is really bringing the site a lot of hits o_o I'm scared.. but I like it :D

Also got one of these from MPulse. Thinks are really happening today...

   October 1st '01

Well, I finally finished it. It's just gone 1am and it's done =D Yes, the A-Z List of Radiohead Songs is completed. I've tried my best to make it really comprehensive. Listing every version of every song that I know of. Click on the song's title, and you get to the lyrics. There's a column for its release date, and a column for what disc you'll find it on. Click on the name of the disc, and you'll be taken to that disc's page in the Discography. It took me a good while to work on.. Whew.

If you spot any errors, or know something I don't, then give me a shout :)

Later That Day... News! :D

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